If u like electronic club music remixes, you’ll like Thor Ragnarok

If  you like electronic club music remixes, you’ll like Thor  Ragnarok.

    The major action sequences (the smashing and trouncing) are set to deep house and dubstep  dance music remixes … except the final confrontation (i’m being general so as not throw in spoilers) where the musical score redeems itself with an 80s-inspired Queen-like rock beat.

    Thor Ragnarok is cheeky, hilarious, unpretentious, and even parodies itself in some parts. 

     It is not the CGI or the special effects that carries the movie but  Chris Hemsworth’s comedic timing — which makes this latest Marvel offering one of the most enjoyable action comedies.

    But if you could see beyond that — you would appreciate the efforts of the scriptwriters to infuse this latest Marvel action extravaganza with the theme: “Who are you without your powers?” … or simply: Who are you at your core stripped of all the material objects around you ..?

    The all-too-familiar war-refugees-scenario reminding us of present-day exoduses and biblical epics somehow  redeems the movie. Still… as the movie trails with inane dubstep remix music, you could almost imagine Chris Hemsworth spinning and ripping down turntables and vinyls like a DJ mixing, looping, nodding, dancing yey.




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