Terms of CJ Sereno’s leave are definite & time-bound, not indefinite

The terms of CJ Sereno’s leave (see letter dated Feb. 27, filed today Feb. 28) are definite and time-bound (for the duration of her preparation for trial), and not indefinite.

    The term “indefinite leave” is not included in the enumeration of the kinds of leave provided under civil service law. Hence, you would have to look at the terms of the leave application.

   Based on CJ Sereno’s letter informing the Court of her leave: It is commonsensically time-bound (for the duration of the preparation for the Senate trial) since the Senate trial will not last forever. In fact, she will even set it off against the allowed 15-day “wellness leave” or leave credits that she has. This simply means that the 15 days would be paid leave days while the rest would be non -paid leave days. Therefore, what she took was a combined “wellness leave” and an ordinary leave without pay for the duration of the Senate trial.

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