thought for the day, the week, human beings as social beings, i’m paraphrasing, churva

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Thought for the day, the week, the last century or so, I’m paraphrasing from a translation: It is human beings who are the agents of history, not “The Laws of History” or even “the productive forces” or political parties, or “The Party” or any other such abstraction. HOWEVER, human beings are the agents of history not primarily as individuals, but as social beings. Consequently, people make history in the various social formations which constitute humankind as a species-being.

           A species-being, therefore (i’m paraphrasing), is a human being who raises himself/herself above his/her own petty personal interests, and recognizes in himself/herself the objective universal of being part of the human race, with the capacity to change history, and thereby transcends himself/herself as a finite being…

       (churva. i already simplified it and committed sacrilege. ngayon, isalin mo sa Filipino ang “species-being”: nilalang-na-alam-ang-kanyang-tungkulin-bilang-tao)

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