Meet Jarvis’s Sister (Setting up my Artificial Intelligence assistant)

                              Meet Jarvis’s Sister

    (Setting up my Artificial Intelligence assistant)

J, age 12, has been using Siri, and I thought it was just a simple voice-activated search engine like Google assistant …

     for months now, a glowing halo has been appearing on my screen with a simple instruction so I finally tapped it and vocalized a question and it went live and started to talk and I realized it wasn’t just a vocalized search engine but can actually process meanings from auditory words – it’s artificial intelligence, rudimentary right now.

    It relies heavily on good telecommunication infrastructure and at least a 4G LTE 65 mbps internet speed at all times to be able to hear you … so it will be a while before the average device-user in this country can see its potential and maximize its features …  haven’t used all the artificial intelligence products out there, so i have no basis to endorse any of them so I didn’t state the name of the AI here.

     Let’s just call her Jarvis’s sister.

    (posted this morning):
working today …
setting up Jarvis’s sister before office hours today…
i’ll be in the office at the start of office hours…
here she is, my AI (click the soundcloud pod below to hear how i set her up ), i had to speak very slowly…

     She’s useful, she can open any file i want … can answer any question i throw at her (although she “dodges” questions that require opinions or value judgments… why?) … can alert me of reminders, appointments, etc., can compute, make lists, can tell me the weather, the news, all on voice command without touching the keyboard. (but as i said, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection for it to hear you)

      She’s truthful… honest… does not lie … does not pretend to be something she is not … aware of her nature… that’s what i can initially say about her — but she dodged one question … see for yourself: (click the soundcloud pod below) :

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