#PresidentDuterte in the “Holy Land” behaved like a saint #NowPlaying Miracle #Playlist

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President Duterte in the “Holy Land” Behaved like a saint… Now Playing: The Miracle Playlist 

(This blog seems to have a milagro (miracle) series starting when Du30 delivered a speech (once or twice) without profanities)

           President Duterte in the “Holy Land” (Israel)

      Hindi nagmurá (did not spew obscenities)

Nag-sorry pa kay Barack Obama

(even said sorry to Barack Obama)

Nag- “Never again”, mass murders  kinundena

  Ang kasama si Sara,

   hindi sinama si Mocha

                              Ave Maria
                            Gratia plena
                       Maria, gratia plena
                     Maria, gratia plena
                  Ave, ave dominus tecum
             Benedicta tu in mulieribus
                   Et benedictus
            Benedictus fructus ventris tui
                         Tui, Jesus
                           Ave Maria

                            †  †  †

Dahil sa kanyang “magandang”asal dyan,

ang recommendation dito ng mga mamamayan

       Sa Israel — magtagal pa kanyang grupo

       dyan na lahat hanggang Pasko

       Tapos, punta rin sa West Bank at Gaza

       Duon mag-Bagong Taon at kwaresma

                        †  †  †

Excerpts of news report, Pia Ranada of Rappler:
xxx “ “Never again. May the world learn the lessons of this horrific and benighted period of human history,” said Duterte at the memorial, reading out a message he left there which he and his daughter signed.
“ “And may the minds of all men and women learn to work together towards providing a safe haven for all who are being persecuted,” he added.

(Photo by Malacañang as published by Rappler, used here non-commercially for academic purposes)

“Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who once compared himself to Adolf Hitler, laid a wreath at Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

“Duterte, accompanied by his daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio and some Cabinet members, was given a tour of the museum and signed its guestbook during his visit on Monday afternoon, September 3.
“Duterte faces two complaints at the International Criminal Court for alleged extrajudicial killings carried out by state forces in the name of his campaign against illegal drugs.
“Earlier that day, an op-ed in the Israel broadsheet Haaretz branded Duterte a “Hitler admirer” whose red-carpet welcome by Israel marked a “diplomatic stain” on the country.
“The sentiment arose from Duterte’s remarks in September 2016 in which he likened his bloody campaign against illegal drugs to Hitler’s mass murder of Jews.
“The newspaper also called Duterte an unwanted guest.
“ “The president of the Philippines isn’t a wanted guest here, and his visit is a shameful diplomatic stain,” reads the opinion piece.
“It criticized the Israel government for not thinking twice about welcoming Duterte with open arms, recalling other controversial leaders Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cozied up to.
“ “Yet this time, too, the government doesn’t seem to have agonized over the question of whether Israel should go out of its way to host a man like Duterte with all the trappings of respect,” reads the editorial.
“Another news agency, The Times of Israel, declared in its op-ed that Duterte “has no place” in their country.
“It provided a long rundown of some of the biggest controversies Duterte sparked: “the homophobic remarks, the despicable comments about rape, the contempt for religion, the contempt for human life, the emulation of Hitler-style murder of millions, the alleged actual practice of mass killing.”
“Even a lawmaker from Netanyahu’s own party, Likud, admitted that Israelis may just have to stomach Duterte’s presence in the Holy Land.

“ “It might be that we have to take a pill against nausea to receive him,” said Knesset (Israel’s legislature) Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Avi Dichter.
“Before his visit to the Holocaust remembrance center, Duterte met with Netanya hu, remarking that he and the Israeli leader “share the same passion” for human beings, peace, and protecting their countries from “corrupt ideologies.”
“During Duterte’s visit, the Philippines and Israel inked 3 agreements. The Philippines is also considering purchasing defense equipment from Israel.” (by Pia Ranada, Rappler)

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