Again. Very annoying @SKYserves Cable signal, lost AGAIN 2 hours ago, see my DM to you 45mins ago


Very annoying.

Attention @SKYserves Cable signal, lost again 2 hours ago, see my DM to you 45 minutes ago

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Attn @SKYserves Lost my cable signal again at about 1:15am today or more than two hours ago; reported it to hotline about an hour ago; sent a DM to you 45 minutes ago, my details are there. Pls restore my signal as soon as possible.   

   Embedded below is a Sky Cable list of “affected areas” as of 1:47am today; i’m guessing there’s more because most people were asleep when the cable signals went down:

 SKY TECHNICAL ADVISORY: List of Affected Areas as of October 12, 1:47AM.
Makati Executive Tower 4 Pio del Pilar
Pio del Pilar / San Antonio
Batasan Hills/Filinvest 2
Part of Cupang
San Isidro/Sta Clara
Better Living / BF Homes / Don Bosco / San Antonio / San Dionisio / San Isidro / Sucat / Sun Valley

image credits: Photo by Pexels files from the WordPress Free Stock Photo Library


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