Collegiate Men’s Basketball Trash Talk #UAAP81

Trash Talk #UAAP81


Trash Talk #UAAP81

(Members of the ethics class (second section)  were asked to evaluate “trash talk” publicly posted, which are being reproduced here only for purposes of academic review)

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15 thoughts on “Collegiate Men’s Basketball Trash Talk #UAAP81

  1. 5 Acceptable #TrashTalk in #UAAP81 :

    A meme page “Jef the Eagle” handled by an Atenean posted a meme picture (see link) with the caption “I don’t know how it relates to basketball, but okay broski #OBF #UpFight #BBB” and one comment by a user Dong L. Saga read: “Is it supposed to be some sort of consolation? Whatever. Lols. Just be a sport about it.”

    The COMMENT is an acceptable trash talk because the user pointed out the flaw in the other comments and asked a question for clarification. He also ended with a positive note to “Just be a sport about it.” The user did not violate any Facebook Community Standard.

    A page known for its satirical posts and comments, “Malacañang Events and Catering Services” posted a picture of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque (see link) with the caption “JUST IN: Umubos sa lakas ng UP Fighting Maroons, tukoy na. #UAAPFinals #UPFight #OBF”

    The post is an acceptable trash talk because the page is known for sarcasm and harmless satirical comments but is in no way posing direct harm and threat to the person posted about.

    A comment on ABS-CBN News’ Facebook post on the UP community singing UP Naming Mahal after the #BattleOfKatipunan Game 2 (see link) had a user named Ron Oropeo who said “Trolls, Roll! Keyboards, Hit! bwahahahha” in the comments. (scroll post for comments) This is in response to the bullying made by dummy and original accounts bashing the UP community for losing the games. This is an acceptable trash talking because the user did not harm any of the other users but trash talked in a very real way: stating a fact.
    Still related to the previous number, another comment that counts as an acceptable trash talk is a comment from user Swenz Ivy Zubia Segui said: “Ron Oropeo, Sir I bet hindi Atenista ang mga nagco comment na yan. May breeding kasi mga Atenista e. Unlike them, na hindi natin alam kung saang Unibersidad pumasok/pumapasok o baka mga hindi nag aral. Tsk tsk tsk.”

    It s an accepted trash talk because the aim of the user is to clarify and give a realistic opinion that Ateneans would not speak that way towards UP. The user also did not pose a direct threat towards any other people commenting on the thread.
    A UP Alumni named Carli D Recio II shared a post (see link) in the UP community page “Narinig Ko Sa UP” also known as “Overheard at UP” with the caption:
    “Precisely why it is more for us than just winning the series…
    You. Can’t. Beat. That.”

    This is an acceptable trash talking because it is harmless and the user only used his alma mater’s pride but did not pose a threat to the opposing team. This is considered a trash talk that motivated and took pride more than bashed or insulted, if he ever intended to do so.

    5 Unacceptable #TrashTalks in #UAAP81 :

    A meme page “Jef the Eagle” handled by an Atenean posted a meme picture (see link) with the caption “I don’t know how it relates to basketball, but okay broski #OBF #UpFight #BBB” and one comment by a user Carlo Garcia read “Duh dapat lang, sayang tax ng taong bayan kung di man lang kayo pumasok sa world rankings.”

    This COMMENT is an unacceptable form of trash talk because it does not relate to the topic and it poses fake news among the community. The issue has been long debated and addressed and needs not to be used against a meme page comment.

    The infamous Presidential Apointed UP Regent Spocky Farolan posed a serious threat and harm to the Ateneo basketball team with his post AND comment that clearly states the use of violence. This violates the Facebook Community Standards, poses direct threats and criminal activity (promoting and publicizing of crime).

    A page known for its satirical posts and comments, “Malacañang Events and Catering Services” posted a picture of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque (see link) with the caption “JUST IN: Umubos sa lakas ng UP Fighting Maroons, tukoy na. #UAAPFinals #UPFight #OBF” and a comment in the post by user Max Tan read “tuwing lahat ng mga pambansang epal na nagpapakita sa UP games like Bong Go, Alan Peter Cayetano and Harry Roque natatalo palagi ang UP. sunugin niyo na yan nang buhay sa tulos or hagisan niyo sila ng live wire pagkatapos buhusan ng gasolina nang matuto ang mga papansin na yan”

    This, like the first post posed harm on the person in the meme page and violated the Facebook Community Standards, poses direct threats and criminal activity (promoting and publicizing of crime is not allowed). A comment on ABS-CBN News’ Facebook post congratulating the Ateneo Blue Eagles had a comment by user Diestro Manuel said “UP NPA galit si joma sison Sa inyo bukas mag dala nalang daw. Kayo ng armas mamundok nalang kayo talo naman kayo Sa basketball mang ambus nalang daw kayo”

    This is a violation of the Facebook Community Standards and a case of trash talk used for bullying. The user made a statement degrading someone (UP)’s character and insulted not just the team but the entire UP community
    A comment on the facebook post by ANC 24/7 that contained the link above had a comment by user Tignero Cezar towards Paul Desiderio which said: “bata kpa sa larong basketball boy,,,uwi ka muna sa cebu dun mag aral ka ng larong bigas bigas ha!!”

    This trash talk is unacceptable and is a form of bullying ccording to the Facebook Community Standards and is a form of bullying. It includes insults and shaming of the person involved.

  2. Evaluation of Tweets from the Finals Game 1 and 2 of UP vs. ADMU.

    A compiled version via Google Docs (in case the content is compressed):

    #UAAP81 – UP vs ADMU Finals

    All collected sources are from twitter, mostly from the Game 1 and 2 of the UAAP Men’s Basketball Finals Division.

    a. “Ateneo don’t deserve this championship #UAAP81Finals”
    Considered as trash talk because the user is degrading the enemy. Does not contain offensive language.

    b. “Replying to @dummybiatch
    I agree! Sarap itulak yung import ng Ateneo!”
    The reply is also an enabler in trash talking, also stating violent physical contact. This is considered as violent threat already. Contains threat and offensive language.

    c. “Replying to @dummybiatch
    Haha mag aral muna kayo ng rules and regulations ng basketball bago kayo manuod at sumuporta para hindi kayo nagmumukhang bobo. Skl”
    The first part of the tweet was regarding the rules of basketball, but the latter part was a step back due to the use of obscene language and degrading the user with said language. Contains offensive language.

    d. “hipon ka thirdy HAHAHAHA”
    The use of the word “hipon” is offensive and to name drop the person is considered as online abuse.

    e. pangit si Thirdy Ravena tweet
    Again, the tweeting of the full name, uncensored, is considered as hate tweet and online abuse. The mentioned person can report the user regarding this tweet.

    f. “In fairness sa UP ha, lakas talaga ng cheer. Hanggang cheerdance na lang talaga sila ano CHAROT WALANG MAPIPIKON”
    The first part of the tweet was tolerable and relatively decent, but the last sentence was again, another step back due to generalization and degrading the whole school itself. Does not contain offensive language.

    g. “Replying to @RegisAndanar
    At least kami umabot nang Men’s Basketball Finals kahit walang nag eexpect this season? Asan na growth spurt niyo sa Cheerdance? Upo! Hahaha.”
    The reply is considered as trash talk because of the rebuttal and involving another team to the discussion. Does not contain offensive language.

    h. “Replying to @RegisAndanar
    In fairness din sa Ateneo pag CDC, lakas talaga. Lakas magkalat”
    May be offensive for the mentioned school, but does not contain offensive language.

    i. “how sure are we that bright akhuetie passed the upcat?”
    The mention of the full name can be considered as online abuse, although it does not contain any offensive language.

    j. “Replying to @nick_tuazon
    si thirdy nga di tumulong sa group activity eh. SIT DOWN”
    A counter attack to the former. Does not contain any offensive language.


    Happy Holidays, Ma’am!


    Here’s a google docs link if the comment is compressed:

    A. ( )

    This tweet was in response to Nick Tuazon’s tweet implicitly stating that Bright Akhuetie might have not passed the UPCAT. @ChicoLocoCoco’s response violates the hateful conduct as stated in the Twitter standards. Twitter prohibits violent and abusive threats and harassment. Her response heavily implies that Tuazon should not have been born and it can be considered as verbal abuse according to the TWitter standards.

    B. ( )
    This tweet contains a screenshot of messages saying that the UP Men’s Basketball Team is way behind Ateneo due to their new footwear. “Dati tsinelas lang, first time makatikim ng Nike.” This statement violates the provision of abuse in Twitter’s standards on the basis of the targeted harassment done by the user to the UPMBT’s financial capabilities as a team.

    C.( )
    UP Dank Ages quoted Regis Andanar’s tweet and responded that Ateneo only excels in sports and are currently trailing behind De La Salle University in the University World Rankings. The tweet bullies the institution, faculty and officials of Ateneo with its statement that Ateneo has been lagging behind in terms of academics and research.

    D. ( )
    The tweet contains a screenshot of a Facebook post depicting Thirdy Ravena as Ang Probinsiyano’s child star Awra Briguela. Facebook Community Standards consider this as a an attack that targeted both Ravena and Briguela’s physical characteristics. It does not help that Briguela is a minor and this Facebook post also counts as bullying that degraded both Ravena and Briguela’s character on the basis of their physical appearance.

    E. ( )
    This tweet is in response to Spocky Farolan’s deleted violent threats to the Ateneo’s basketball team. Renzo Ramos, the one who quoted the tweet, stated that the UPMBT only reached the finals due to the inadequacy and incapability of the other UAAP teams. This violates the Twitter Standards on abuse and hateful conduct. This tweet disrespected both the UPMBT and all the other teams who played hard for the UAAP championship.

    ACCEPTABLE posts

    a. ( )
    The tweet implies that the letter L in the Ateneo De Manila (Mania) University was taken by UP since they lost in the first game for the finals. Taking the L means accepting the defeat or loss. This is an acceptable comment since he did not degrade, abuse or violate anyone in stating his opinion.

    B. ( )
    The tweet sarcastically calls a stop for the insensitive trashtalks of the supporters of both the Ateneo and UP team. He implicitly stated at the latter part of the tweet that Ateneo will surely win against UP in the game 2 of the finals. He jokingly implied that there will be no game 3 anymore. This is an acceptable and surprisingly witty tweet did not violate nor caused harm to anyone. ‘

    C. ( )
    This tweet used memes to describe the relationship of the UP and Ateneo community before and after the game 1 of the finals. Samala, the one who posted the tweet, compared the reaction of the fans to the storyline of the Avengers universe. Her tweet was done in good taste and did not violate any Twitter rules or guidelines thus making it an acceptable comment.

    D. ( )
    The tweet commends Juan Gomez De Llano’s sportsmanship in between free throws of the Ateneo team. He jokingly said that maybe the UP community can learn from GDL’s attitude after a multitude of trashtalk from the UP community. The tweet does not propagate harm, violence or abuse. He also did not target or bully any individual or any group thus making this an acceptable comment.

    E. (
    This tweet called out some of the insensitive comments made by the UP community on the physical appearance of some Ateneo players and how they played a “dirty game”. This is a fairly acceptable response since she even urged the supporters to cheer for their team instead of hurling negative comments to the opposing team.

  4. UAAP Trash Talk Evaluation

    A google docs link if ever the comment is compressed:

    Acceptable posts

    Twitter user “your tsismosong neighbor” wrote, “DIIIIIIIIIRT EW IF GANITO GAME NINYO SA INYO NA YUNG TROPHY KA-AGIT.” This is in response of a tweet saying “Bright Akhuetie has been carried out of the game. Earlier, Akuetie was seen to be in a lot of pain after Kouame charged at his thigh.” This is acceptable because by using the word “if” he’s only implying that the game might not be fairly played by Ateneo players and he was not wishing harm to anyone.

    “Mamaya yan technical foul for Juan GDL for shooting the ball mga ulol” This can be treated as a normal fan reaction to the seemingly biased calls of referee during the Game 1 of the finals in favor of Ateneo. It does not contain dehumanizing speech.

    “ I SAW A TWEET FROM ATENG ATENEO. SAYING IYAKIN DAW MGA FANS NG UP. DUH MAIIYAK NALANG KAMI SA SOBRANG DUMI NIYO MAGLARO. UGH GO UP!” This trash talk is another comment that Ateneo do not play clean on the court.

    “UP: Utak. Puso. Ateneo: Tuhod. Tulak.” Mahwi Rosero who wrote this tweet, half-heartedly admitted that this trash talk was stupid since “it was meant to be” after being called out by a fellow isko. It does not incite any violence towards any team but merely a fit observation on Ateneo’s overly aggressive way of playing.

    “Blue Eagles, leave it all on the floor in Game 2 and defend that crown. UP DOES NOT deserve to be a champion with the way their crowd is reacting. Teach them a lesson.” Jonas Cabochan, an Atenista who innocently expects a polite crowd from UP- a university with a 32-year championship drought. This is still acceptable trash talking because the language used is all clean and the tweet doesn’t cross the line of abusive statement. It only shows disappointment towards a team’s fan-base reaction and did not wish physical harm on anyone.

    Unacceptable posts

    Twitter user Arthur Garcy wrote, “Mga GAGO BOBO nag pa alis sa mga Rivero. Them brothers are play for UST.” This tweet is unacceptable because it degrades the character of De Lasalle officials referring to their mental capacity after the news that Rivero brothers are no longer part of the Green Archers for UAAP season 81. It uses hate speech in capslock to demean a school’s decision-makers.

    “Ulol Thirdy. Di pa din namin makakalimutan na may patagong suntok ka kay Desiderio. Gago pakyu.” This tweet contains multiple curse words directed at a specific Ateneo player Thirdy Ravena. It perpetuates a culture of mindless expression of thoughts that dismiss the humanity of the person involved in this case, Ravena. In twitter, freedom of expression should not intimidate anyone.

    “Everyone deserve to be a champion kaya wag masyadong confident Mr. Kungsinokaman malay mo sa pangbabash mo na yan bigla kayong atakihin ni karma. Karma is a bitch pa naman” This tweet was Maryjoy’s response on an atenista saying that UP does not deserve a championship because of how the UP crowd is reacting. It is unacceptable because it wishes harm on the person in this case the atenista, in the form of karma. Twitter rules prohibits the promotion of violence against civilians to further any cause.

    “Fuck you Kouame. Fuck you Ateneo, kaya di kayo nagtotop ng boards eh puro kayo pandaraya at pambabayad,” This tweet was called out by user Boom Zaplan because it is plainly unacceptable to spit hateful statement and blatantly mention the person to whom this statement was directed to, in this case Kouame. His serious accusations of Ateneo being cheaters are baseless and made without further explanation.

    “PUTA PAG MANALO UP NA WALA SI BRIGHT ISANG MALAKING FUCK YOU ATENEO. IM WEAK SA MGA CHINITO PERO GAGO DI IIRAL LIBIDO KO NGAYON. ANG DUMI NIYO MAGLARO” This tweet contains hateful language towards a particular team that might be intimidating in nature. A classic trash talk that is meant to offend the opposite team.

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