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J101 Advance post 6th Wk Deadline March 2 #LiveTweets

J101 Advance post 6th Wk Deadline March 2 #LiveTweets

       J101 Advance Post Sixth Week News Live Tweets (class members should use the guidelines discussed last week on straight news reporting: the live tweets should have the 5Ws and H (not in one tweet but successively in order of descending importance) and must include a “so-what” (or the relevance, or consequence, or implications of the event, what readers should expect or what preparations they need to make, or what they should avoid, etc., as discussed in class.)
    The tweets should be breaking news, real time, first-hand, and original.

      The deadline to embed them here is between now and March 2, 2019 Saturday 11:59pm (you do not have to embed live here, just tweet live)
Bonus for twice the points of Live tweets of any event of the Lakad-Gunita sa Lupang Hinirang festival of U.P. Diliman still applies.
(In all cases, the work must be original; any plagiarized work, i.e., work copied from another either verbatim or in substance, will be dealt with accordingly.) Happy tweeting!

19 replies on “J101 Advance post 6th Wk Deadline March 2 #LiveTweets”

ONGOING: AIESEC in UP Diliman is holding its Global Village at College of Science Amphitheatre.— Gicash17 (@gicash17) March 1, 2019

AIESEC develops leaders through cross-cultural exchange. There is actually a sign-up booth to encourage attendees to go on exchange!— Gicash17 (@gicash17) March 1, 2019

Koi Calleja, UP’s homegrown, is now performing his acoustic set!— Gicash17 (@gicash17) March 1, 2019

Stef & Euge, perform their first song, “With You”, which they describe as a sentimental one!— Gicash17 (@gicash17) March 1, 2019

Neil Caronan, a member, has his last gig with Z!— Gicash17 (@gicash17) March 1, 2019

On the rise to fame, Nathan & Mercury is now performing!— Gicash17 (@gicash17) March 1, 2019

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