Law on Mass Media 6th Exercise: for this week, post about your attendance and participation  in ACLE Deadline Friday March 22

      On occasion of the Alternative Class Learning Experience (ACLE) sponsored once every semester by  the Office of the Chancellor, the student councils, and the student organizations: Class members are allowed to submit a photo of their attendance and participation in ACLE activities (i.e., a photo of yourself attending the ACLE) with deadline on Friday March 22, 2019 at 11:59pm.

    The following are  some of the ACLE activities from dozens available on campus:

    1.UP Corps of Sponsors: Basics of self-defense: Strong Mind, Strong Body, Classroom 1, UP DMST Complex;

    2.UP Travel Society: varied tips and tricks encompassing efficient preparation techniques, proper traveler practices, and comprehensive catalogs of the best hiking and trekking experiences near Metro Manila;

   3.UP Euro: “Transcending Borders : On the Pertinence of International Relations and European Studies in the Philippines”;       

      4.UP Batangan & UP Mountaineers: Batulao: An ACLE about the Outdoor Adventures in Batangas and Responsible Tourism;     

 5.UP Babaylan:”i love you and i love them too”An ACLE on polyamory & consensual nonmonogamy, ft. Dr. Anna Tuazon & Mr. Danger Gaerlan;

…and dozens more ACLE activities.

     Cotton, the quarter-academic -oval- roaming U. P.  community dog,  in between his TV interviews (his seventh over the weekend), will also be giving an ACLE demo and discussion (non-verbal on his part) on Thursday at 1pm at the auditorium.

      Class members who want to submit the 6th exercise may submit their photo/photos accompanied by the following minimum text: description of the ACLE activity, time and place of the activity, and sponsoring organization. The photo can be submitted either by pasting the link on which it was originally posted (Twitter, Tumbler, FB, Instagram, WordPress, Google docs (if Google docs, make sure it does not expire) etc.), or by embedding the photo itself with the caption as stated.

        Happy exploring!

14 thoughts on “Law on MM 6th Exercise (on ACLE activity) Deadline Friday March 22

  1. Hi Atty. Lambino,

    I am a guardian of a student of the College of Mass Communications at U.P. I don’t know how to reach you but this is best way I can as I want to protect my sibling who is emotionally affected by this recent predicament.

    He was leading a shoot for a school requirement, including casting actors, managing crew, directing among other responsibilities. The shoot occurred on October 2018 and one of the male actors made inappropriate sexual comments to three female crew members: two in person, one online after the shoot. It came to my sibling’s attention one week after the shoot. At that time, he thought that the best ethical approach was to not finish and not submit the project.

    The perpetrator was not a student but a professional actor. The crew members were all students. It has been almost 6 months since the incident, however, he is still bothered by it. In fact, he filed the subject as incomplete a result. Did he do the right thing? Should he take further steps to ensure the integrity of the film profession and his craft? For example:

    Should he encourage the female crew members to file a complaint?
    Does he need to issue an official statement implicating the professional actor?
    Is re-shooting his work, with a different actor, the right alternative? Or should he do another project entirely?

    I have indicated my number as name in this query. I really hope you could help us.

    I need your help

  2. I attended an ACLE about Social Marketing organized by the Association of Business Administration Majors (ABAM). It talked about how social marketing, as opposed to the usual commercial marketing, can be used as a tool to raise awareness important issues, and compel an audience to act. The talk was entitled, “Marketing for the Greater Good” and was held from 1-4 PM at the College of Business Administration room 307.


  3. posted at:

    “The UP Society of Industrial Designers’ ACLE entitled Designing for Desire was held at the Bartlett Hall Auditorium in the UP College of Fine Arts Thursday March 21 2019 at 1pm.

    The ACLE was about the “industry of sex toys” but also touched upon how society’s views on sex evolved over time. Guest speaker Gretchen Velarde, a history instructor at UP Visayas started off the ACLE by tracing the beginnings of sex in history and by explaining its changes.

    AJ Osmeña, co-founder of sex toy shop Ilya talked about the brand, how it started, and why they started it. JM Naval, who is part of sales in the same company, also talked about what products they sell.”

  4. ACLE: Tapang
    BA Room 309
    Sponsoring Org: UP JMA

    On March 21, 2019, I attended an ACLE entitled “Tapang: Mga Kuwento at Karanasan ng mga Kampeon ng Bayan” organized by the UP Junior Marketing Association. “Tapang” served as a venue for student-athletes, former and current, to share their experiences of being student athletes, in terms of work ethic, values, and university image.

    The speakers tapped were UAAP Courtside Reporter and former UP Pep Squad member Sam Corrales and UP Men’s Basketball Team player Diego Dario. Both shared similar sentiments with regards to the responsibility of being under the VAAS program in UP, as it meant that they had to give a higher priority to academics and training as student-athletes over everything else. Their training schedules affected what classes and time slots they had to aim for and take, how much time to aim for breaks between class and training, and overall pushed the task of weighing priorities upon them.

    Sam spoke mostly of her fulfilling but struggle-filled stay in the UP Pep Squad, speaking of how several injuries and the desire to explore avenues outside of cheerleading, as cheerleading according to her wasn’t forever, brought her to become a courtside reporter so that she could branch out from just being a student-athlete. On the other hand, Diego mostly shared the hustle of the Men’s Basketball Team as a whole towards last season’s iconic UAAP run, as well as shedding light on the unfair discrimination and misunderstanding placed on student-athletes, and how they are unjustly labelled as freeloaders and are even avoided in the academic setting, despite their hard work in training.


  5. The Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) I attended was named ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ which allowed the attendees to learn more about the university’s emotional support animals. The ACLE also helped people to understand the need of most people to develop a bond with their pets (oxytocin, feeling of warmth and being loved).

    The ACLE was held on March 21, 1-4 p.m., at the College of Mass Communication Auditorium. The event was organized by the organization Friends of Campus Animals (FOCA).


  6. ACLE Title: KaraMidya: The Two Faces of Philippine Media
    Date: March 21, 2019
    Time: 1-4 PM
    Venue: Philstar 2
    Event organizer: UJP-UP

    Raymund Villanueva from Kodao Productions and Kenneth Guda from PinoyWeekly discussed how mainstream and alternative media organizations should unite especially in the time when the freedom of the press is in grave peril.

    Twitter thread:

  7. Tapang: Mga Kuwento at Karanasan ng mga Kampeon ng Bayan
    [Insights and Perspectives from Student Athletes]
    Speakers: Sam Corrales & Diego Dario

    March 21, 2019
    1-4 PM
    UP JMA

    Yesterday, I attended an ACLE that hosted the university’s premier student athleres, as they talked about the struggles experiences of being in the University’s Varsity Program.

    The speakers were Courtside Reporter Sam Corrales & UP MBT player Diego Dario. Sam Corrales talked about getting into UP via the VAAS program, the problems of the UP varsity stigma, and her personal growth as a UP Pep Squad member and Courtside Reporter.

    Men’s Basketball team member Diego Dario, on the other hand, cohntinued to touch on the stereotypes and stigmas that student athletes had to deal with, as well as their stint in the last UAAP season when they made it to the finals.


  8. ACLE TITLE: KaraMidya: The Two Faces of Philippine Media
    Date & Time: 1 – 4 PM
    Venue: Philstar 2, College of Mass Communication, UP Diliman
    Event organizer: Union of Journalists of the Philippines – UP

    Brief summary of the event: The ACLE discussed how, amidst the present differences between ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ media, the two must unite in the face of looming tyranny and attacks on press freedom.

    Photos (all taken by me):

  9. ACLE Title: KaraMidya: The Two Faces of Philippine Media
    Date: March 21, 2019
    Time: 1-4 pm
    Venue: PhilStar 2
    Organizer: Union of Journalists of the Philippines

    KaraMidya is an ACLE on how the mainstream media and alternative media unite in today’s time where media attacks are rampant and press freedom is at risk.

    Raymund Villanueva from Kodao productions and Bulatlat and Kenneth Guda from Pinoy Weekly spoke on how alternative media functions and stands its ground in times of peril. The speakers also discussed on how mainstream media could be of help to them and to the forwarding of the calls to defend press freedom.

    Link to photos:

  10. ACLE: “KaraMidya: The Two Faces of Philippine Media”
    Organization: Union of Journalists of the Philippines – UP
    Date and Time: March 21, 2019 – 1PM-4PM
    Location: CMC PhilStar 2

    Mainstream and alternative media are known to be different when it comes to reportage, manpower, and focus of reports. Although they are different, they are still media. Like Kara and Mia, they are still in the one and the same body. Through this ACLE, speakers explained how these two types of media will help each other in the time where attacks on them are still rampant and press freedom is yet to be defended. Speakers include Raymund Villanueva of Bulatlat and Kodao Productions and Kenneth Guda of Pinoy Weekly.

    Speakers’ photos taken by me via Xiaomi Redmi 4X (personal phone) and self-photo taken by Agatha Maria Gregorio via her phone.


  11. ACLE Title: “KaraMidya: The Two Faces of Philippine Media”
    Date: March 21, 2019
    Time: 1-4 PM
    Venue: PhilStar 2, College of Mass Communication
    Organizer: Union of Journalists of the Philippines – UP

    Raymund Villanueva of Bulatlat and Kodao Productions, and Kenneth Guda of Pinoy Weekly discussed how despite the glaring differences between Philippine mainstream and alternative media, it is still possible that these two fields unite, especially in protecting press freedom during a time of constant attacks by the current administration and its supporters.


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