Rough mornings of Cotton, the University community dog 

Bright and early at about 6:45am or two hours early for an appointment, while driving through, i saw Cotton foraging the heap of garbage of the construction workers along the driveway behind the administration building (Quezon Hall); stopped and gave him drinking water ( didn’t have food then)… and — because i was on my way to work  — slowly drove away. He followed the vehicle running a little with his little legs to keep up; i stopped again, walked and led him to the steps of the building and requested the people there to “entertain” him so he won’t follow the vehicle.

   When i got to the nearby building (mass comm) to fetch some friends — there he was, behind the car. but i had to go back to the main street for some urgent work.

   The next day, i went to the admin grounds to coax him to go to the mass comm building … the sun sizzled at 10am, so he could not be persuaded to get out of  hiding from under the cars.

     Cotton usually “hibernates” under the cars on infernally hot days to survive — he would stay there until the aroma of different kinds of viands from the nearby College of Music lobby-canteen wafts his canine air — and that’s where he goes, he follows the scent to the canteen across the street at lunchtime. Then, at 5pm, he goes to the mass comm building where he gets his early dinner.

  Thinking that if i brought him a big breakfast early in the morning, he would not rummage the garbage mounds,  and because i was free today, i lugged two pork chop meals to the mass comm grounds — he wasn’t there so i went to Quezon Hall, and in a few minutes, he was standing beside the vehicle; i led him to the mass comm grassy knoll, and that’s where he had his breakfast (see photo of Cotton a few minutes after his big breakfast, yawning, android-shot at about 7am today, before he traipsed away)


        After wolfing down the meaty treat, he lounged on his favorite cement pergola for about 20 minutes, joining in the meeting of a group of five students — he listened carefully to their academic conversation. (see photo below of Cotton listening to five students discussing their empirical data ).

This solemn repose was destroyed when the newspaper-delivery-person with his noisy, rusty, dirty motorbike rumbled in — this  always gets Cotton furious, according to the security staff — and as always, Cotton was riled up; he  chased the pot-bellied rider down the road, using his body to block him then  to drive him away.

    His early morning after-breakfast soliloquy with the five students was disturbed by the noisy smokebelcher.

    After his ten-second rage, he simmered down and moseyed to the rotunda … there, he tried to munch up a dried,  flattened paper-thin carcass of a frog (this, after breakfasting on two pork chop meals); i caused the crisp frog skin to fall into a hole out of his reach. He became disappointed, then picked himself up and ran along.

   An hour later,  i went to the parking lot of Quezon Hall. In a few minutes, he was beside the vehicle. i gave him drinking water. This time, his paws and legs were all muddied up with mossy green sewer dirt. i didn’t have pet wipes and brought out human paper cloth wipes. It barely touched his fur when  he walked away  –wouldn’t let me touch him with it, and hid under another vehicle.                    After coaxing him in a long, patient, useless while, i gave up, and slowly drove away. In two seconds, he went out of hiding and assumed a sit-pose in the middle of the asphalt area (this is his pose whenever he wants to be petted). i gave him drinking water again. Then, he started licking his slimy muddy paws and feet, and i said “no, no, stop that”. one would think that after a big breakfast, he would stop eating off open garbage heaps on the streets; this morning, after two meals of pork chop, he wandered about and scraped out the bottom of a slimy cesspool.

    He walked a few feet away and resumed licking the sewer sludge on his legs. He was a dog after all.

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