tap the “play arrow” (if on mobile device, click “Listen in browser”) on the soundcloud pod below for Chess and Cotton’s theme, Inseparable, covered by a Filipino artist:


Chess and Cotton, Inseparable

( emotional support dogs of the #UniversityofthePhilippines #UPDiliman )

android-shot six days ago

     Chess had gotten pregnant twice before. In both instances, her entire litter of puppies were stolen from her within weeks.

     To stop this kind of cruelty and to keep her healthy, she was brought to the vet med to be spayed. She has since then become healthier.

    A few months later, a mangy cotton-ball puppy was abandoned at the mass comm parking lot. Khrysta brought him to the vet med, and the mass comm humans nursed him back until he grew to be an independent, smart, and useful companion named Cotton.

    After one year, in accordance with the community policy, he was spayed at the vet med.


… He and Chess have become inseparable … well, Chess is domesticated and sleeps in the college grounds most of the time; Cotton free-ranges the grounds of the quadrant of maskom-music-admin then goes back to mass comm at sundown to have supper with Chess and sleep beside her until  sunrise.  

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