Photo android-shot for Mommy on a beautiful morning:

We thank  immeasurably the heavens 🌈 for Mommy’s successful surgery ( Mommy  is Lydia Celino Lambino ) . Deep thanks to Kaiser Permente Hospital Panorama City @KPPanoramaCity , to surgeon Dr. Ahmed Dehal, to U.S. health care plan administrators, to Myra, Teng, Jane, to all of Mommy’s grandchildren, and everyone who prayed for Mommy.

    Mommy had a big dinner and breakfast after surgery, and here she is (see photo)  after breakfast yesterday, checking her email and texting emojis to her grandchildren, without makeup or embellishment, at 81 years old — Mommy is beautiful as ever (i-phone-shot by Myra, stolen shot,  haha)  

     Here’s a song for Mommy today:  i  just remembered that Mommy likes Shirley Bassey, so here’s a song from Shirley Bassey — a 1979 version which Mommy might like, composed  for  a movie in 1965:



 And here is the famous opening scene of that movie (1965)


Here are recent versions (the first from an award-winning country singer who was “discovered” in 2006 by winning the American Idol tilt; the second is the most recent,  widely applauded rendition at the 2018 academy awards; and the third video reminds me of all of Mommy’s multi-talented grandchildren.)

   Happy viewing and listening!

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