#atm android -shot 30 minutes ago)         When a stranger calls

( Cotton, the University emotional support dog, sits with a quiet stranger) 

He met him yesterday, Cotton chose the table and pergola to use to take his meal, he hopped on the table occupied by the stranger. The stranger liked Cotton instantly. When i asked him from where he was, he was vague and said he was just from around

   ( people all over the Philippines come to the college garden with the pergolas and cement tables to use the free internet, get some  free clean and cold drinking water from the film lobby  and relief  from the open restrooms).

         This afternoon, Cotton sauntered away while eating, disappeared in the woods, er, the grassy knoll (we don’t have woods in these parts).

    When i looked for him, there he was, with the stranger from yesterday.

     He didn’t offer food or water or treats or tricks —- just his solitude,  and Cotton chose him over the chicken nuggets i brought him, and wouldn’t leave him.

    Go figure. 

   (i’m sure there was nothing to worry about… but just to be sure… i  managed to coax Cotton to transfer to the pergola… by driving away — he followed). 

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