Many of the students who stroked him, about 50 or so, said they missed home… they missed their siblings, they missed their dog. He made them feel better for that moment. Does an “emotional support dog” start to feel the homesickness of the person cuddling him?   

   (How would this be possible?  To put it in simple physical terms: According to hormonal experts, when a person is very sad,  his/ her body secretes chemicals different from those produced when he/ she is happy. Can a dog smell that,  and does it affect the dog when 20 to 50 homesick people inside of an hour pour their hearts out to him while stroking and squishing him?) 

     Or is Cotton missing someone or something as well…? Or maybe it’s just humid … he gets drowsy when it’s cloudy — more than other dogs…

   (just asking…)

(Cotton after strutting the AS Lobby during the ramp walk and meet-&-greet of emotional support dogs, Oct. 23, 2019 organized by the University of the Philippines (U.P.) Diliman Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs on occasion of the U.P. Mental Health Awareness Month and World Animal Welfare Month)

Photo by the U.P. FOCA ( U. P.  Friends of Campus Animals) used here with permission 


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