UPDATED. For @SKYserves DM’ed you 30 mins ago, still no signal in 18 channels for more than a month now : Weak signal due to oversubscription : Profiteering from fraudulent practice

UPDATED: @SKYserves replied to the DM 30 minutes after this post was published in the blog.

 For @SKYserves DM’ed you 30 mins ago, still no signal in 18 channels for more than a month now : Weak signal due to oversubscription : Profiteering from fraudulent practice
      Before sending you the DM to follow up your promise to address the deprivation of signal in the 18 channels of the account (THE FULLY PAID ACCOUNT STILL HAS NO SIGNAL IN THE 18 CHANNELS AS STATED), I checked your site to find out if you are having any troubles. I found this in your FB post linked to your tweet today:
SKY TECHNICAL ADVISORY: List of Affected Areas as of November 18, 2019 5:00 PM. xxx Also, we are currently experiencing plant repair in the following areas which we expect to restore the soonest time possible: xxx
    My area is included in the list of districts where “plant repair” is being undertaken, but it also says “restored as of 11:46 am”. But up to now, the 18 channels still DO NOT HAVE ANY SIGNAL even after regular troubleshooting for more than a month now. It has been 12 days since you said that you would address the situation of deprivation of signal of 18 channels. Last Sunday, these channels were working for about eight hours then slowly the images pixelated out with the audio fading out. Since then, there has been no signal. Obviously, you have a weak signal that you are no longer able to address because of oversubscription beyond the capacity of your facilities.
     I’ve been patient because you are deluged by more that a hundred irate customers online alone but at the same time, you are also regularly billing the millions of clients you are supposed to be serving — who pay promptly and in full – while depriving them of one-third to one-half of the channels without any rebates of any kind for this form of fraud. You lose sympathizers who would otherwise want to support you in whatever way during these troubled times.
    Please systematize your efforts to address this problem before it magnifies.

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