Patient Cotton of #UPDiliman wound almost healed active, alert, 6pm meds food, 7pm trotted to meadow, Q Hall, #atm room curled up sleeping

Patient Cotton of UP Diliman,  wound almost healed, active, alert 6pm meds food, 7pm trotted to meadow, Q Hall #atm #atthemoment  room curled up sleeping peacefully 

Based on observing the patient Cotton (UP Vet Med diagnosis is abrasion wound arising from the scratching of his skin irritation caused by fungal infection, meds and medical shampoo were prescribed and being used on him to address these), aside from administering the oral penicillin antibiotics and vitamins, an important objective (IMHO, for me)  is to prevent him from scratching his wound so it will heal naturally, by relaxing him and making him sleep for long periods of time: A challenge for a dog-patient that is free-ranging and active : If we tie him up or cage him or leash him to a post, he will be agitated and angry and he will scratch his wound. So, caging him or tying him up as “treatment” is out of the question in healing his wound.

   So far,  it has worked : Meds,  sleep,  not disturbing the wound as long as it’s healing naturally and there is no opening in the wound,  no moisture, no dirt, no strange smell,  no blood oozing. Here is Cotton at the moment, photo above sleeping as treatment and here again 

 2nd photo: Wound fully closed and clotted at 7am, i decided not to disturb the wound so he won’t scratch it (oral meds with food administered at 6:30am)

3rd photo, utility staff started doing their job cleaning, Cotton went here on the ledge, then later trotted to the meadow to perform his absolution.

4th photo: He seemed to have scratched a little (he’s a dog), photo shows the scab had fallen off but the tiny red spots have started to clot. i decided to make him sleep peacefully and to observe the wound for two hours without disturbing it and only if it is not naturally healing will I disturb it with a cleanser. Do you concur? Let me just observe the wound for two hours and let him sleep peacefully… 

Patient Cotton into one hour of his sleep, photo below taken 30 seconds ago, he is in REM,  his legs were moving and he was swallowing :




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