Patient Cotton’s Miconazole Chlorhexidine medical wash & bath in lukewarm water at 7am today. Many thanks to R for holding the leash

Patient Cotton’s Miconazole Chlorhexidine medical wash and  bath was performed at 7am today using lukewarm water. Many thanks to R for holding the leash and pouring the water. See photo below of the patient sunning himself after the bath: You can see that the wound is now a dry scab and closed.

His oral meds with food were administered before the bath. Text sent to K: “…Today it was the medical wash: Pre-wash with Perla, wash with Mycocide, rub it in and leave for a full ten minutes. 10 minutes leave-on was not easy. Happily, his ” wound” is now a scab falling off. Then, after bath, i tried to clean it with the wash cleanse solution, but after i poured it on the scab, the patient ran away, maybe thinking another “procedure” would be performed on him. He did not scratch though— Big smile, tears of joy. Should we scrape the scab — rub the area with cleanse, then put ointment? (i hope scraping it does not create a fresh wound because he WILL scratch it, he’s a dog).  i am unable to do it because he keeps running away. The wound is healed. Let’s NOT create a new one. Maybe you can take a look and help. The wash cleanse and ointment are in his medicine bag all labelled … Many thanks. ”

    When the noisy, squeaky-voiced person came in with the high-pitched harangue grating the serene morning, Cotton stared at the person,  then walked away and trotted to the meadow in the direction of the Oblation. The freshly bathed patient is now socializing with humans and other species. 

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