Cotton shaking off the rinse & residue: Mycocide bath today (Perla pre-wash, rinse, wash with Mycocide, leave on for 10 mins — very challenging for a dog — then rinse)

Cotton’s Mycocide bath today (pre-wash with Perla, rinse, wash with Mycocide, leave on for 10 mins — very challenging for a dog–  then rinse) : Accomplished. 

   Since we are starting over again, we will count this as his first anti-fungal bath out of ten,  at once every 3 days for 30 days. His vet-prescribed anti-fungal treatment was interrupted when he was subjected to vaccines as prep for group training — After the group training, he had a new, raw abrasion wound in the same affected area that was already a white scar a day before the group training. We had to start over again with disinfecting the new wound twice a day, and twice-a-day application of Quadriderm.

    Ideally, Cotton could have had an individual training as an adjustment to his treatment at one hour a day — which is workable and effective.

    (This treatment should have been completed on Feb.1 if not interrupted by vaccines and group training. ).

   Cotton enjoys the warm bath. What is challenging for him is: The Mycocide has to be left on for 10 minutes — he doesn’t understand why he wasn’t being rinsed right away — the 9th minute is when he starts pulling his leash away and starts getting annoyed… then he is rinsed, released, he rolls his body on the leaves and the cement. That’s fine, his skin has absorbed the medicinal bath.

   Photo below shows Cotton shaking off the rinse and residue: (second photo below shows the brown fur that had grown over the white scar and affected area) .

During the bath we rubbed the brown/ maroon fur that had grown on the affected area, we paid extra attention by rubbing that patch, once during the pre-wash and another during the Mycocide wash — the maroon color did not come off.

   It doesn’t come off with twice soaping and water.

   It’s not a stain.

Do you concur? 


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