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(old photo from the archives, shot by Myra Lambino)

Duterte to sign Declaration of Public Health Emergency this week: Implications on local governments, hospitals, communities like the University of the Philippines, etc. #COVID19 #coronavirus

       The news media reported 10 hours ago that Bong Go confirmed that the President has agreed to sign a presidential Declaration of Public Health Emergency.

     The law that authorizes this is Republic Act 11332. What are the implications? The following are the expected activities under the presidential Declaration of Public Health Emergency:

      1.Access to more funds by the Department of Health (DOH) to address the emergency, thereby being able to mobilize more personnel for contact-tracing etc.

       2.All public and private doctors, employees and personnel of health facilities, laboratories, as well as non-government agencies are required by law to report directly to the DOH any information relevant to the occurrence of Covid-19 in their area;

      3.The DOH can coordinate or can require all local governments, all local DOH outposts, all public and private health facilities, ports, and airports to establish “Epidemiology and Surveillance Units”;

       4.The DOH can coordinate or can require hospitals, agricultural agencies, veterinarians, environmental agencies, the Philippine National Police, the Department of Transportation, and “communication entities” (I’m guessing the PCOO, the NTC, etc., I don’t think it includes private telecom companies and private media companies otherwise) to be involved in “disease surveillance” or the collection of big data on health indicators and the overall health of the population.

     For University communities such as the University of the Philippines Diliman, I guess this means the University Health Service (infirmary) should set up its own “Epidemiology and Surveillance Units” which will methodically collect health data and information on health events and report directly to the Chancellor and the DOH without violating the Data Privacy Act. All employees and staff are required to confidentially report to the Chancellor any information relevant to the occurrence of Covid-19 in their area without violating the Data Privacy Act.

(pero bakit nagdeklara ng #walangpasok ang Navotas, then  their Mayor asked the Department of Education to allow the mass certification of a passing grade to all students?

      Are the Navotas schools going on a lockdown for until the end of this month which is  the end of their schoolyear? Protocols for every alert and code color should be well-disseminated in order to avoid extreme measures that are counter-productive )

(for all my students: If you have even the slightest fever, you are excused from attending any of my classes. You are also excused from the requirements for that day. If you have even a slight fever, please stay home or get a check-up from a hospital near your place:  Just present a medical certificate when you are well or a certificate from your parent and a selfie. Tnx. )

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