Padma Bound in the Pandemic #Covid19PH #Covid19 #Covid-19 #Lockdown #Quarantine

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Padma Bound in the Pandemic 

Ardha, Sanskrit for “half”,  Baddha or “Bound” (snake the arm around the body and the back to your 9 o’clock or at 270 degrees, and your leg and foot also to your 9 o’clock but around the front of course; with the arm and hand at your 9, reach and touch the rested foot on the waist thereby binding your body. It’s  called “bind” in ashtanga yoga. In law, when your client wants to do something and you disagree, you say “i’m in a bind” (you’re in a dilemma) … but here in this pose, you’re just trying not to fall. )…

   …Padma or lotus, Uttana or intense stretch, and asana or pose: Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana standing or Bound Half-Lotus intensely stretched standing pose,

at 5am today 

in the orange hallway

of the flat .

    The benefit of this pose is: It stretches the small muscles and ligaments found in the joints of your hip bones.

     What does it feel like?

    It feels like you’re peeling your hip out and you are reconstituting yourself. 

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