GMA7 News DZBB is performing the best media watchdog function in exposing massive corruption in the distribution of amelioration funds (SAP funds) by barangay officials. Very good job, GMA7 News!

GMA7 News DZBB leads in performing the best media watchdog function in exposing massive corruption in the distribution of amelioration funds (SAP funds) by barangay officials. For the frontlining GMA 7 News: Very good job!

       GMA 7 News thru its teleradyo DZBB is doing the best media watchdog function in exposing the massive corruption in the distribution of the amelioration funds (social amelioration program funds, or SAP funds, for the poorest of the poor) by barangay chairs and officials (local village officials). 

      From 8am to 1pm, GMA 7 News reports and interviews the whistleblowers extensively: local residents who know each other and who can see with their own eyes how the money is being distributed only to the bosom buddies of the barangay chair.

      GMA 7 news anchors and reporters ferret out the details like where the moneys were going (only to the “friends” of the barangay chair who were not even qualified because of their financial capability), getting details like  names, dates and places.

     Very good job.

      The news anchors then get the side of the barangay chair for balanced reporting: The barangay chair provides all sorts of excuses such as: There was only a “delay in distribution” and that all those who were not getting the SAP money (P6,000- P8,000) should be patient etc etc.

        Meet the real frontliners in investigative reporting: GMA 7 News — Very good job! 

     Without the robust and reliable coverage and exposé by GMA 7 News, the public would have never known of the daily, hour by hour, pocketing of SAP public funds by the barangay chairs.

     Every morning, the public is given a glimpse of why more and more of our countrymen are going hungry amid the pandemic while local officials are stashing millions in public funds to purchase  their dream condominium units and retirement farm resorts. National government officials look on without doing anything while the highest rants:  rant, rant, rant. At the end of this pandemic, thousands would have died while hundreds of local officials would have joined the Forbes 2000.

       Maraming salamat sa sigasig at kahusayan ng GMA 7 News! The dirt and corruption is exposed, the inaction and incompetence in the national level is laid open. (in previous posts here, we have already made suggestions on how to systematize the distribution of the SAP; only one was followed: the posting of the names of those who deserve to receive the amelioration: Yet we don’t really see how the DILG is able to enforce it methodically. )

      Only half of the first tranche of the SAP funds has been distributed, and barangay officials give the lame excuse of not being able to cope with the number of recipients because… “the lines are long”.  Of course the lines are long. Kilometric. Megametric Gigametric. Everyone knows that the megametric queues of  recipients can be addressed simply by adding more personnel and more distribution stalls — everyone knows this. If you have long lines: Add more distribution stalls. (give each personnel a list and audit each at the end of each day) . Systematize the queuing system by letter-coding the recipients and assigning a day and a set of hours for each set (all persons with family names starting with “A”, “B” “C” etc. This suggestion was adopted by at least three LGUs in systematizing the entry of people who were crowding the public markets).

      Why aren’t the barangay chairs systematizing the distribution of the SAP funds?

     Because half  of the funds are in sacks, boxes, and luggage bags inside their bedrooms.

     Do we understand this now? (This has been anticipated, walang nakikinig, kunwari walang nakikinig.)

     But for GMA 7 News who leads the way in investigative reporting of the massive corruption in the SAP funds distribution (half being distributed, half being bagged).

      This song is dedicated to the news reporters, news anchors, news directors, and all the crew members of GMA 7 News who are relentless in their pursuit of the truth: a song from “The Road to El Dorado (the City of Gold)”.

      Follow the gold.

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