#atm at the moment 4:50pm another version DIY Face Shield made in 10 seconds using eyeglasses, cellophane, tape (see DIY videos in YouTube) . Open your eyeglasses. Then, put a strip of tape in the inside of each of the two stems of the glasses, the stem on the temple of the face, with the sticky side of the tape facing away from your skin (see the videos on YouTube, use the search terms : DIY face shield eyeglasses). Then, wear the glasses and wrap the cellophane around the circumference of your face making sure that the cellophane sticks to the tape that is attached to the stem of your eyeglasses with the sticky portion facing away from your skin. Face shield!

     (wala lang — i just feel a sense of accomplishment being able to make something useful in ten seconds with my bare hands —

      i’m shallow that way.)


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