To @SkyServes after sending link as reply: I dm’ed u: i already visited d site u sent b4 message, performed all troubleshooting, ur site says if digibox still dead after troubleshooting, needs 2 b replaced read ur own site instead of delaying action


   To @SkyServes after merely sending a link as reply: I sent a DM-reply five minutes ago. i already visited this site before i messaged you and, as stated in my message to you, i have performed all the troubleshooting measures — to no avail. My digibox had sputtered and died, it needs to be collected by the undertaker. It also says there that if the red light does not go on even on standby mode and if the clock no longer lights up, it is time to replace the digibox, by calling up the Sky Cable technician. Please read your own “How-Tos Troubleshooting Guide” and “FAQs” that you provided in the link instead of delaying action on the dead digibox. Please replace the digibox, that’s what stated there. I will pay for it. Or, in order to assist and be of service to you, and even if I’m avoiding crowds — just to help you address a customer’s concern — I can drive to your store in Sky Zone at the mall and look at the products and see if I can buy the same digibox if that would work for you. Please let me know. Tnx.
      (Your hotline is no longer staffed – not a single soul there; even your Sales hotline is no longer staffed)

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