at the moment 5:12am Lame Chaturangas in sleep clothes BECAUSE I’M STILL ASLEEP 😴😴😴 ang kapal

(palms on ground one foot apart, elbows to ribs, only toes and palms touching ground; legs, knees, core (torso) and shoulders hovering aboveground, push down hovering, only toes and palms touching the ground, push up hovering, do not flail elbows out keep close to ribs 20 reps each of 5 sets) finished #Goodmorning

Notes: If you’re on work-from-home, make sure that, DAILY, you have at least 30 minutes of continuous moderate physical activity. If you’re required to report for work, observe safety measures (face masks, face shields, rub hands with alcohol every 15 minutes, keep distance), your physical activity of walking or biking to get to work, if at least 30 minutes, is sufficient for the daily 30-minute physical activity (in my opinion).

Daily is good.

Consult a physician first before embarking on a daily physical regimen.

See instructional vid below (credits embedded in the vid):

Instructor says: 90-degree angle with arms (that’s also a zero-degree angle with core to knees and legs hovering parallel to the ground (zero degrees) (mine has a 45-degree-angle from head to waist so it’s a lame chaturanga)

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