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Elections during a Pandemic: Election Day in America

    This early, Trump is questioning the election “results”.



       Calm down.

     People are making their choices in peace,

      and with physical distancing 😉

     “15 Ways to Calm Yourself Down” from healthline

“ (from healthline.com, annotated by blog admin, an aspiring wellness coach)

“1. Breathe” (healthline says: deep breathing and three-part breathing: one deep breath in and “then exhale fully while paying attention to your body.”)

“2.Admit that you’re anxious or angry”. (i guess this means acknowledge to yourself your anger. It doesn’t mean throwing things around, or tweeting like a madman. It simply means being aware of yourself.)

“3.Challenge your thoughts.” (i guess this means being rational. Don’t set things on fire or rally people to fire their guns, etc. Be rational. Your options are: You can file a case if you want, or an electoral protest).

“4.Release the anxiety or anger” thru exercise but one that does not harm yourself or others.

“5.Visualize yourself calm.”

“6.Think things through.”

“7. Listen to music” (but  not  to your campaign playlist– it might make you cry. Bach or Pachelbel works)

“8.Change your focus” (focus on your packing schedules and on getting well)

“9.Relax your body”

“10.Get some fresh air.”

     – From healthline.com annotated by blog admin

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