at the moment 3:47pm Don’t judge me (Doughnut stuffed with chocolate chip cookie topped with whole chocolate ganache & crushed dark chocolate)

1.First, there’s no meat in it so it’s vegetarian (vegetarian but not healthy)

    2. Second, the promo for the chocolate-stuffed doughnut was only for nine hours, so one is   saving money when one buys  four

      3. i don’t have any underlying conditions and not on a diet except for no-meat-by-choice-to-save-the-planet and for world peace meds are sweets

      5.i’m working, i’m working real hard

     6.Life is short

     7.i can burn it,  i burn fast,  metabolism made for short intense bursts of energy that doesn’t last, you either stop the terminator in one minute or you eat a doughnut chocolate-chipped

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