tap the play arrow (if on mobile device, click “Listen in browser) on the soundcloud pod below, for the movie this midyear that we might not see on the big screen

unless …

 we’ve had a vaccine…

Here’s a dorky idea, make a pact with me:  Let’s get our vaccine AFTER  all the medical frontliners, all the medically vulnerable and AFTER all the marginalized sectors have gotten theirs.


A simple, straightforward  20-pager research  submitted today (Dec. 31, a few hours ago) . i took a chance. i finished one last week on familiar territory — but five days ago…

started writing this: First time writing on a topic like this (it was like discovering you could walk even if you have gills), and using a framework like this (it was like finding out you could make a sentence before you could speak,). in other words, i did not use the first one that i’d worked on for weeks, and wrote this one. i took a chance … that you taught me how to walk and i was able to learn it. If you’re reading the paper in the next few days, i hope it is adequate and i hope someday i would do you proud.




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