File photos shot by blog admin, re-published from the archives. Out of a sense of wonder and fascination with their sense of fashion, i take pictures of them every chance i get on campus (before the pandemic) whenever they graced lectures and discussion forums on indigenous peoples of the country. These ones here were shot at the U.P. College of Mass Communication in September 2017.
Look at this : She would give any Vogue runway model a run for her money.

    Yesterday, 15 minutes after the ABS-CBN interview, in a casual conversation over the phone with someone from the UP System admin, I was asked if I had any idea why all of a sudden  Defense Secretary Lorenzana unilaterally revoked the UP-DND Accord, an agreement which requires state forces to give notice before they enter the campus unless they are  in hot pursuit arising from an ongoing crime, and I said: I absolutely had no idea, it was ridiculous   because the entire campus is physically desolate and on lockdown, academic buildings, grounds, libraries, and eateries are closed, students and faculty members are not allowed to  run around on the grounds (as a pandemic prisoner, i tried several times, i was respectfully pointed to an “exercise area” at the Sunken Garden by the warden, the friendly campus security guard, “ma’am dun po ang exercise area natin”,  so i just hopped around and around the parking lot like a lost chicken to get my cardio — didn’t like to go to the designated exercise area because there are other  inmates there).

    Everything is virtual and online – the campus is still a physical dystopic expanse of an empty space with a flutter of dried leaves punctuating the stillness : Whom are you going to put under surveillance and arrest here?

     In this interview of U.P. Diliman Chancellor Fidel Nemenzo, journalist Malou Mangahas asked, “Could it be that the military is after a certain sector that is here in U.P. Diliman?” and when Chancellor Fidel asked who, Malou posed the question, “Could it be that they are after the Lumads who are seeking shelter on campus grounds?”

    You mean … these kids? (see photos below)

(For the Defense Secretary: Just show us the warrants of arrest po, if any, so the parties can receive them: That’s within the purview of the UP-DND Accord).

    Here’s that video interview of the Chancellor (video credits: as stated in the vid)

    “Chancellor Fidel R. Nemenzo is a Filipino mathematician and professor serving as chancellor of the University of the Philippines Diliman since 2020.His areas of expertise include number theory, elliptic curves, and coding theory. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from UP Diliman while his master’s and Doctor of Science degrees are from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. Immediately prior to his appointment, he was vice chancellor for Research and Development of UP Diliman and is the convenor of the Center for Integrative Development Studies’ Data Science for Public Policy Program. He chairs the Mathematics Division of the National Research Council of the Philippines, having been elected to the NRCP Governing Board in 2019. He was Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the UP Diliman College of Science and headed its Science and Society Program. Nemenzo also served as President of both the Southeast Mathematical Society (2010-2012) and the Mathematical Society of the Philippines (2004-2010).”

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