Sinovac Vaccinees: May the odds be on your side: We shall overcome

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The Sinovac 50% efficacy means that half of the subjects who had been injected with Sinovac did not acquire immunity to the virus.

Even with this, the FDA thinks it is better than nothing. True — from the point of view of the big data: The FDA Director thus illustrated it this way: If you vaccinate 100% of the population with Sinovac, at least 50% in all probability will acquire the immunity, thus bringing the populace closer to herd immunity at 70%.

      But for the small data: one who has been vaccinated with Sinovac would not know whether he/ she belongs to the half which in all probability has the immunity, and the half which in all probability doesn’t, until the vaccinee actually gets infected.

      Therefore, the FDA recommends Sinovac only for those “clinically healthy” aged 18 to 59 years old. This means that it is recommended for those who, if exposed to the Covid 19 virus later on, would survive anyway without any irreversible damage to their respiratory system.

     If you think you belong to this category, i.e., you have no underlying conditions and will survive infection of the virus anyway, then you go ahead. Go, gorabels.

     Note that you cannot mix brands later on, thinking it will increase your chances: It is not recommended by doctors. And you cannot quadruple your Sinovac dosage thinking it will put the odds on your side : The doctors do not recommend it either. If you choose Sinovac, you’re tied to it, you have 50% probability that you acquired the immunity — whether or not you did, you would not know (until you’re infected, thus, you should be “clinically healthy”. Logical naman yon.)

     (And regardless of brand, even if you acquired the immunity, you can still be a carrier so you still need to wear masks and keep your distance).

     Yesterday, more than 700 Filipinos were administered the Sinovac vaccine in PGH and other hospitals .

     That means that out of 100 million Filipinos in the country today, in all probability, at least 350 persons officially would have acquired immunity upon their second dose 14 days from now.

Instead of expending resources on a media blitz, the government should use public resources for fast-tracking the importation of brands that have a higher efficacy rate and with no side effects, and have the trust of the public.

(Half-a-year late compared to other countries as the government is still in still in contract-negotiation stage).

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