RTC Mla 63 search warrants 2 days: One judge, 15 applications for search warrant, 2 witnesses each (30 witnesses to examine), 2 hearing days (total: 16 hours) : i will use a neutral party, an AI, for vocal illustration: See if this is even humanly possible

Based on the ABS -CBN news feature report by ABS-CBN lawyer -journalist Mike Navallo, which was based on the report of the Supreme Court court administrator who examined part of the records upon instructions of the Supreme Court : There were 63 applications for search warrants in the RTC of Manila for the Calabarzon area which led to the issuance of search warrants for the March 7 raid which resulted in 9 persons being killed by the police in the service of said warrants. The RTC Manila executive judge divided the work of ex parte examination of the witnesses of said 63 applications between himself and the vice executive judges resulting in: One judge, 15 applications for search warrants, 2 witnesses each (30 witnesses to examine), two hearing days (total: 16 hours). Seriously, how? Let’s see objectively how long it takes, fastest and at its most efficient : To be objective, I will use the Philippine National Police manual on applications for search warrants itself for the affiant’s statement and answers to questions and a court manual on sample questions to propound in the ex parte examination (partida : no follow up questions from the judge), and i will use a neutral party, an A.I., to vocally illustrate if this is even humanly possible (partida: The A.I. does not stop and pause, does not drink water, and does not breathe). Abangan! Dito lang — susunod!

Are the Supreme Court, Department of Justice, and responsible officials doing enough to investigate this and to institute immediate measures to prevent the killings and to hold parties accountable?

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