i was twelve years old when first admitted to the University of the Philippines (at the University of the Philippines Integrated School), in the admission physical medical exam at the U.P. Infirmary,  all the college girls were already women and you can imagine my physical insecurity at the way I looked, and I just told myself, ok siguro naman magiging ganyan ang itsura ko pag laki ko ( ok, i’m sure I  will look like that too when I grow up), many of my dreams came true except this first one. After the first sem in high school, my parents said, o kaya mo na mag-pa-enrol (ok, can you handle enrolment by yourself), and i said ok. (U.P. was 30 minutes away from the house, my parents allowed us to cross the street by ourselves at age 11)

     And now i’m here. i hope the narration above has earned me a little credibility to say : Don’t worry. While today is the last day of payment,  everything is digitized and online. U.P. Diliman has a policy of letting students attend the classes that the students have enlisted in even if the payment has not been accomplished (the grade will not appear in CRS until payment is completed though, but you have a grade on file with the handling faculty member), don’t fret, just check your CRS Student Registration page everyday, and go about your work, if you’re still on assessment, the A.I. (the software) is handling it, just check regularly, you’re with 7,000 other students, each with its own file,  nothing bad will happen.

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