Mamaya na! In less than four hours, at 11pm ABS-CBN Network: The TV series Suits in Filipino language, played by Korean actors dubbed by ABS-CBN Filipino voice actors presented by ABS-CBN Kapamilya free TV A2Z on Channel 11, and on cable Channel 167, and on other channels and platforms.
(see snippet of a scene below but not by ABS-CBN). This one however, the English translation (subtitles) (video below, script not by ABS-CBN) does not capture the language of probable cause (e.g., in flagrante etc.) in warrantless arrests. Sigh.
Maybe the Filipino version of the pilot episode tonight, and succeeding episodes, made use of legal consultants, and is a lot better. Abangan!
As a word of caution: Generally, since everything has to be fit in one hour and the action has to be edited in quick-paced short sequences, TV shows and movies about lawyers and law suits do not quite capture the hard work involved in litigation – so … just multiply what you see a hundredfold. And we would be remiss if we don’t remind people that in the Philippines, lawyers in the Philippines who defend the oppressed are killed while judges who quash baseless search warrants are slandered and threatened.

(on a happy note: the lawyer Go Yeon-Woo, the one talking about warrantless arrests in the vid below, looks like Migs – hi Migs! ; the latter however is more seasoned).
Mamaya na!

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