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     In the National Capital Region where infection rate is highest, the vaccination for Categories A4 and A5 has been announced to start most probably in  May, 2021 in many Metro Manila cities.

    I don’t know what brand will be made available by the Duterte administration in May 2021. This April, only Sinovac is available.

    Taking a commercial flight to Singapore exposes you to in-flight infection (maximum exposure to a Covid-positive indoors should be less than four minutes to be safe).

     Here again is Category A4 (image produced by Ph govt), vaccination to start this May 2021.

While the A5 Category consists of the indigent sectors.

   Here are all the categories:

 A5: Indigent population not otherwise included in the preceding categories

B1: Teachers, Social Workers

B2: Other Government Workers

B3: Other essential workers

B4: Socio-demographic groups at significantly higher risk other than senior citizens and indigenous people

B5: Overseas Filipino Workers

B6: Other Remaining Workforce

C: Rest of the Filipino population not otherwise included in the above groups

     The vaccine is good for six months. Get medical advice on whether you can change brand after six months

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