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Unusual and Unexpected Side Effects from Covid-19 Vaccine reported by a vaccinee from the Philippines

          After the usual 30-minute soreness in the bicep, the vaccinee reported the following unusual and unexpected side effects upon getting home after the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine:

       1.There was an unexplainable urge to gather old stuff in the house and put them in one bag for the next 45 minutes, and having bundled them up she carried them and sauntered  to the community recycling bin two blocks away, whereupon she walked back home;

      2.The next unexplainable side effect manifested while walking back home: It was in the form of taking photographs of anything and everything blooming along the way, which side effect was documented with the following photos as stated:

       3.The third unanticipated side effect took place thereafter when the vaccinee, even before having eaten anything, quietly slouched down the sofa, softly hummed a song about windy hills, and downloaded images of choppy blunt hair cuts for August when she would have gotten the second dose, as follows:

…her last hair cut of a geometric bob having been before the pandemic

       After five hours of sleep so deep that she could not remember what she dreamt of except that it had sails in it, she remembered her tasks and assignments, then proceeded to fill up an application form with deadline July 20 she looked again at a paper she had written and submitted earlier which had been difficult for her to write because the science was uncertain and she lives in the house called the school of determinism where now she was surrounded by teachers who compelled her

to go into the uncertain

and to find a way

and then she looked at all of everything she had done of trying to find a way of trying one’s best to deserve to be allowed here while thousands were dying

so that someday she could find the words to account

for the time she had been given

in a land when the process for living

and deciding who lives

had always been

lost in the counting.  

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