(Updated) The “Tutor”

  Apparently, certain students uploaded the examinations, exam questions, course packs and/or course pack content of their professors in a “learning platform” without the consent of their profs.  (Preliminarily: My advice to students is to desist from uploading materials authored by their profs such as exams, exam questions, course packs or course pack content, without the consent of the faculty-in-charge who authored such materials as it is a violation of the intellectual property rights of the faculty member who wrote the exam, exam questions, syllabus, etc and who designed the course pack)

      … got curious and google-searched the platform and found it. It has a “Tutor” feature which, according to the site administrator, consists of verified experts in various fields who are paid $1,400 dollars a month by the site administrator to answer any question in their chosen field. Subscribers on the other hand (usually students) are charged a fee after the trial period. The “Tutor” can answer specific exam questions and accomplish assignments, homework, and other course work. The site also supposedly functions as a library where students supposedly can do research.

    My educated guess is: 1.the materials were uploaded by a student, or students, in exchange for certain privileges of access; or 2.the exams, exams questions, course pack content and course packs were uploaded to ask the “Tutor” to do the following: “Based on the articles in the course pack uploaded in this link http..-_x , answer the following question: ____ _____ .”. The course pack and course pack articles were uploaded for the “Tutor” as reference for exam questions or assignment questions. In other words, the “Tutor” is taking the exam or accomplishing the assignment on behalf of the student, so the student thought: to ensure the answers are correct, he/she will provide the “Tutor” the specific reference materials found in the course packs.

       My advice to students is to stop using the platform for such purpose (asking the Tutor to answer your exam questions, i.e. to take the exam for you, or to accomplish your course work for you) because it is a violation of University rules, it is wrong, and it is a ground for disciplinary action in school.

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