Good job, Philippine Coast Guard : “Philippine Coast Guard drives away China warship from West Ph Sea” July 13, 2021 #ChinaLayas #AtinAngPinas

Video below documents the incident, embedded from Rappler


Screenshot: Rappler page where the news report was published (All materials used here for non-commercial academic purposes.)

( learning to be patient in waiting for the screenshot app to buffer and upload the site that needs to be captured, credit goes to Prof. Jay who last week in a separate occasion said i should use the app)

( other phone photos here are of objects in motion: phone-photographing someone discussing a serious topic and hoping at some point they would burst into a smile –and then it happens in an unexpected split-second — requires external manual phone photography; recent samples are the following : )

if i didn’t have a lot to do today, i would capture the audio of the Philippine Coast Guard officer at the helm last July 13, 2021 and … reproduce the audio… i’ll set it to music using Philippine indigenous musical instruments like kubing, kulintang, kudyapi… and turn it into a ring tone to inspire people with…this is how to drive away China’s warships.

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