GMA7 News DZBB Aug26 coverage of fake “info” from anti-vaxxers anti-maskers rally should be factchecked : Irresponsible and incompetent (sorry po) #Covid19

The GMA7 News DZBB Aug. 26 report by Sam Nielsen with the support of an entire news team and by news directors of GMA7 News, included coverage of the false “info” being peddled by anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers in a rally in front of the Senate on the same day — the false “info” should have been factchecked in the same report with interviews of experts in the medical profession and public health; that is, if news directors deemed the rally newsworthy enough to be given airtime and online media exposure (in the lineup of deaths and killings that day and the proportion of airtime and digital space available, it was not — the editorial judgment on news values was questionable).

Without re-airing /re-posting the entire segment so as not to further spread the fake “info”, GMA 7 News DZBB should, in particular, factcheck the following false “info” that their interviewee -actor declared in soundbytes generously provided by GMA7 News DZBB to him : 1. That the Covid19 virus has not been identified or “found” (FALSE), 2. That the variants have not been identified or “found” (FALSE), 3.That face masks do not do anything in helping stop the spread of the virus (FALSE) etc.

The report was presented as hard news by GMA7 News DZBB and therefore GMA 7 News DZBB became complicit in the dissemination of false “info”. Up to now, more than 24 hours since, the false “info” has not been factchecked by GMA7 News DZBB in the platforms where it was aired /posted. Tsk.

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