There are at least 5 VPLeni senatoriables who will not necessarily support her — but their sample ballots later on will show they will carry whoever is the leading presidentiable

In alphabetical order, the following VPLeni senatoriables, called guest candidates, of the eleven announced, will not necessarily support her as, based on news reports, they are also guest candidates of either Pacman, or Isko, or Ping :

(alphabetical, and non-exhaustive)

1.Jojo Binay,

2.Chiz Escudero,

3.Dick Gordon,

4.Joel Villanueva,

5.Migz Zubiri.

This is a non-exhaustive list. Supporters are being assured by the organizers that said senatoriables will at least not endorse any presidential candidate.

Have you ever been part of the campaign team of any presidential candidate, or of any national election campaign?

How many times?

As everyone who has been part of a campaign team knows, national and local candidates will carry in their sample ballots whoever is the leading presidential candidate, of the moment.

It can be any of the presidential candidates as long as they are leading.

Anyone of them.

Can it be Duterte’s candidate, then, if it would bandwagon the votes they need?

Yes, conceivably.

It has happened many times before —

your own candidates will leave you,

will leave your presidential candidate.

My advice is…

First, consolidate your organized forces which is your strongest base and those who clearly have command votes,

because it is the organized forces that you will need to tirelessly reach out to the swing votes.

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