Series of photos shot three hours ago, at 7pm,

Cotton/ Kotton , #Rescue dog,

contemplating the stillness of the road

University of the Philippines Diliman campus

(where we’re allowed a ten-meter radius from the office building to scope — we’re grateful)

#UPDSagipDog #emotionalsupportdog

… when Cotton/ Kotton saw the students’ bench at the U.P. Film Institute Lobby, he immediately jumped up to it and waited…

and waited…

and waited (see photo below, he jumped up the bench and looked around)

(after a while, i explained to him that someday,

the students will be waiting here for him) .

We went along and walked the grounds, and outside the Ylanan gate he chanced upon freshly strewn cat kibble and, even after having eaten a serving of his favorite Rodic’s tapsilog (beef, egg, and rice) and dog treats, he still gleefully munched all the cat kibbles, enjoying the crunchy sound they made in his mouth.

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