#Omicron #Updates 12:01 am Nov29 Incomplete data: if healthy (no comorbids) mild, if with comorbids, ICU confinement, but big data required to confirm this. More transmissible, yes, certain. “vaccine-resistant”? More tests needed. Timeline for tests: “in a few days”

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Omicron updates based on blog admin’s quick search of news reports from Europe, Botswana to Johannesburg, Southeast Asia, U.S.: Incomplete data: if the patient is healthy, i.e., with no comorbidities, the effects are mild including extreme fatigue. If the patient has comorbidities there were reports of ICU confinement, but big data is required to confirm certainty and probabilities. More transmissible, yes, certain. Is it “vaccine-resistant”? More laboratory tests needed on specimens of the Omicron coronavirus itself (a job for virologists and immunologists). The timeline for conclusion of the tests is “in a few days”. No reported cases in the Philippines, Ph government has expanded “red list” countries.

(IMHO : 1.Efficiency is required in monitoring cases worldwide and in enforcing the travel entry ban, i.e., no corruption and more competence 2. Expansion and efficiency is required in mass testing: realign some priorities for more test kits and greater vigilance.)

Lezz go, prevent lockdowns, block it at the ports and –depending on more data if it’s vaccine-resistant– realign priorities in favor of massive testing.

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