Lighting Tip XY : 9am up to 3pm daylight for a medium shot or a closer shot is strong, make sure there’s a literal roof above your head and the sunlight falls on your side or on your shoulder or just beside you … i saw a campaign ad, portraiture style, last week (it is no longer being used) where even the pretty candidate looked tired because of the not-so-smart lighting — a disfavor to your subject. Yesterday, Manolo’s tweet on the Marcos Jr ad appeared in my feed where he said that the Marcos Jr ad was well-produced. In my opinion, from the point of view of music-video-production, it was eye-candy and smart, and by those standards, yes, i agree with Manowlow. However, all the responses he got were from twitter-echo-chambers where the tweeps just trivialized it or dismissed it with insults. The point of Manolo’s observation is to elicit substantive inputs po, yun lang. Those in the echo chambers are not being productive — Marcos Jr is poised to pay each voter P1,000 per vote, and the voter will say, “ang bait nya, may P1,000 ako…”. The next time you’re being mean to others but not to Marcos Jr, ito na lang ang isipin mo : hindi ka productive, mean ka lang … wait, i was just going to talk about my messy ponytail, that’s productive, here it is:

Four days ago, 27 November 2021: Wash-and-wear, no blow-dry, 3-second “messy ponytail” : Shampoo and conditioner, scrunch with hair product using your hands, leave, easy, then go about your work etc. (Do not run through a comb, just scrunch it). Leave it alone, let it dry naturally as you attend to your assignments and tasks, then later on, you have the option of a messy ponytail. Easy.

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