For the benefit of those getting the booster, here are more notes … #Covid19 #pandemic

For the benefit of those getting the booster, here are more notes :

These are neglible — it’s just to make a complete report:

In the first 36 hours, there was a slight sensation of spot muscle soreness localized on the right hip flesh (the one surrounding what connects your thigh to your hip), then, spot muscle soreness localized on the outer upper left thigh (vax was on the left arm this time because i’ve had two on the right), also, on the twelfth hour or so after the vax, a five-second tingling sensation on the tip of the small toe after the pinkie toe of the left foot, it was only for a few seconds but it was distinct, like a small pricking needle, then it was gone as fast. These are neglible, they could be from being seated for more than an hour during the vax queue. (so just take note that that could be the explanation).

Also (well, you can ask the experts, this is just me based on three shots of the vax) : Here is one advice: It would probably be a good idea to be in your best health condition when the fresh mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna, etc) or deactivated virus (Sinovac) enters your body, that is: You are well-rested, not overworked, got enough sleep, not hungry, not stressed, not sad, not tired. This way, you’re in good condition when the foreign element enters your system and your body will be able to handle it well. Scientists inform us that the mRNA is the fresh genetic material of the virus (but it can no longer reproduce, it’s not whole, of course, but just a part of one of its spikes of the corona which draws in the membrane of the human cell to a whole virus),

because it is a fresh genetic material, your antibodies will respond like it is meeting the whole coronavirus (but the mRNA doesn’t enter a blood cell and cannot replicate). So, it’s good to be in your best, well-rested happy self when your antibodies meet the virus, este, er, the shadow of the virus so to speak (it’s more than a shadow, it contains part of the genetic code).

Now, at the vaccine center, since there are hundreds or thousands of vaccinees of different categories onsite , (and because i’m an OC) aside from the vax card (do NOT laminate your vax card because the staff has to put a sticker on the card and annotate it), i also had a piece of paper with the pentelpenned words “Booster, half-dose”, and made sure i vocalized to the vaccinator, “Booster half-dose”, that’s because i’m an OC. The vaccinators are competent and will read your card, it was just for my peace of mind 💃👯😸🐬hahaha. Yun lang ang report ko ngayong araw.

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