Nothing more to report after the mRNA booster (Moderna half-dose) administered last Saturday :

Mommy’s antique soup bowl

Third day after the booster, the bicep muscle soreness has subsided, resumed light asana stretches, the usual , to decompress ridges of the spine, resumed work (research). Fourth day, continued work … Cravings for bread 🍞, sandwiches, cleaned the apartment for two hours. Fifth day, resumed the regular work, moved furniture around in the evening. Sixth day, errands like grocery, bank, college, checked on Kotton — he was out for lunch with his trainer, he’s fine, cravings for Pho Hoa noodle soup 🍜 etc. Today, seventh day, resumed the usual morning 20-minute asana stretches and crunches, ten-minute HIIT, then chaturangas, nothing happened. Resumed work. No muscle soreness, no cramping, no acidic stomach, no fever in the seven days , no headache on any day. Nothing to report. Oh wait, i get irretrievably drowsy after every 5pm and have a long night’s sleep 🌃 in two cycles, I remember the dreams of the last cycle but not the first, strangely, the dreams consist of famous people and friendly people but I’ve never seen them before in my life (that is, in the dreams they are friends but when i wake up, i’ve never seen before). This morning dozens of birds chirping outside the window, the sun has come out.

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