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Based on experience, the general home remedy for headache, sore throat, cough and cold is to slow down, rest, and get enough sleep.

In addition (this is just based on personal experience, don’t follow — find a remedy that works by listening to your body )

Based on personal experience not applicable to others, i add these :

Caution: Do not try this remedy if you don’t have formal training in ashtanga:

For headache, get enough deep sleep.

In addition if the throbbing is still there, i put pressure on the spot where the ache is emanating through a modified ardha pincha maruyasana or modified dolphin pose preparatory to a headstand (but i don’t go to the full headstand, although some ashtangis do that to relieve a headache — but i don’t — i need to find the exact spot to press against the ground). Note that this takes longer to work than a paracetamol but it’s better, (for me lang) to first allow your body to heal itself through enough deep sleep and home remedies.

For this remedy, stay in and out of the asana for an hour, slow and easy.

(this is not included in the list of asanas for headache but it’s what works for me, it might not work for you)

For stomach upset : stomach absolutely empty of food and water for an hour while easing to a child’s pose then elevate the stomach up a little higher than the rest of the body, for at least an hour, in and out, absolutely empty stomach and absolutely peaceful and easy. Be patient — this is your body healing itself, it takes an hour in and out, slow, breathe easy and long and be still, be still in the pose (in Tagalog, patahimikin mo ang sarili mo). This works for me, patience is required (kelangan din paalisin lahat ng tao at bagay na nang-iistorbo para ito mag-work, that’s the part that has to be addressed).

For sore throat, i stop talking (STOP TALKING OR STOP SINGING MUNA etc) and rest, and i down hot soup, as hot as i can endure (but don’t do that, just see what works for you). If it’s still there, i use hot water with a lot of salt (doctors will say, lukewarm, just obey the doctor, don’t make it hot like i do) , don’t swallow the salted water, just let it touch your throat by looking up but don’t swallow because it has a lot of salt.

These all work for me. You have to be patient and to remove the cause of stress (if the cause of stress is a person or work, it gets tricky, right? But that is the long-term solution, but don’t commit any crime)… slow down and chillax.

Here’s a photo of modified ardha pincha maruyasana from an ashtanga magazine — the secret is in finding and knowing the exact spot that requires relief — stay in and out for an hour, be patient.

(kung nagmamadali ka — kasi sabi ko, the home remedies here require patience and removing the root cause of the stress, which can be a person, thing, or work etc)… kung nagmamadali, uminom ka ng paracetamol, pop a pill or whatever painkiller –ayun! drug yon, it numbs the pain sensors of your head with chemicals, there are 5 or 10 tablets here from last year as prep for the vax shots then — they’re still here if you want them).

Don’t make popping a pill a habit though.

Happy posing, like so (modified ardha pincha maruyasana, find the required spot) 👩🐾🐾🐾

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor via telemedicine.

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