Before Cert of Public Convenience & Necessity required for grant of frequency, notice & hearing is required (the NTC website itself details the requirements) Ch. 2 analog was annexed to the grant of digital Ch. 16 w/o notice & hearing, view here

The application of Advanced Media Broadcast System 16 years ago was for digital TV. Planet Cable purchased it during the pandemic. That application was not amended or refiled — all of a sudden, the analog free TV Channel 2 was added on and annexed to the grant of a digital TV channel upon a 16-year old application for DIGITAL TV, summarily and suddenly without notice and hearing. The CPCN and grant to Advanced Media does not cover analog TV but the analog Channel 2 was added on.

Here’s the rule as explained by Atty Mike Navallo a few minutes ago:

How does one obtain a CPCN?
 Answer:To obtain a CPCN, an applicant has to file an application with the National Telecommunications Commissions Commission (NTC), pay the required filing fee, and after which, the application will be assigned a case number. A Notice of Hearing is published in a newspaper of general circulation. The application undergoes public hearings, is evaluated and an Order/Decision is issued granting the CPCN or Provisional Authority (PA). 

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