All visual images from Papakols producers, used here non-commercially for academic purposes

Image from Papakols producers, used here non-commercially for academic purposes

Titles :

Tonight with Papakols  Rated R18+ Rating is prominently displayed in the video, good job, Papakols ! #Papakols #Kols is a critically acclaimed multi-award-winning late-night public affairs talk show streaming on YouTube. Tonight’s Episode: Learning is Kol. In this episode, Papakols interviews a public school teacher anxious to resume F2F classes in the pandemic, Papakols and his asungots, este, assistants, learn new things from teacher Sir Jayson Clee

                Rated 18+ ito, hwag ka magreklamo kung risqué ang titser lessons, eme

     Mga natutunan ko sa Papakols episode, critically acclaimed award-winning public affairs talk show

Mga kids, makinig (para sa resumption ng face-to-face classes) :  Kapag kumakain ang titser mo ng snacks …

at sinabi nya “Walang lasa ito” :

Tumakbo agad, lumabas agad, mga kids! Labas agad, i-lock ang pinto — ikulong si titser

(this protocol was approved by the People’s Republic of China, ang husay sa ShangHai di ba– kulong kayo lahat).

    The concept and this video was reviewed and approved by the Department of Health and the IATF,


Lesson Number Two: Kapag may weather report, makinig nang mabuti,

madaming body parts ang bagyo:

Mata ng bagyo,

buntot (tailend of a cold front) buntot ng malamig na dibdib, pakpak, at LPA usually translated as namumuong sama ng loob.

    This video was reviewed and approved by the weather bureau, PA-AsaKaPa

(Bakit nakalagay sa YouTube typed-up titles, “Here we are on our last episode…:” Waaah! it can’t be. huhuhu. More episodes, please)


My Rating: WITTY !

Kudos to the scriptwriter,  director, producers, host Papakols and asungots, este, assistants Tambay One and Tambay Two, the resource person schoolteacher Sir Jayson Clee, entire crew and the goat. More! More! More episodes!

(Sana matapos na ang pandemic, I would love to see this before live studio hecklers! este, before a  live studio audience “taped as live” eme, ahaha-ha)

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