No animals were harmed in the Rockwell mall event #Halalan2022 #Election2022 #Elections2022

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several versions — ito, nilagyan ng edm sa chorus

Every morning in the past several weeks,  a guy dons a pink shirt and  harnesses a giant, pink plush teddy bear to his shoulders and chest,  then goes to Rockwell Mall to campaign for his candidate by walking around like a pink mascot. He gained popularity in social media circles and earned the moniker,  Leni Bear.

      This week, several known Marcos supporters tweeted that they would gather at the Rockwell Mall to show support for their candidate. Some Leni-Kiko supporters expressed worry (in social media) that Leni Bear might be bardagulled (might be ganged upon), so they organized their friends to go to Rockwell Mall to “protect Leni Bear!” Video below, shows Leni Bear being surrounded by a stream of pink and red.

      In sum, it was a peaceful and noisy gathering of supporters of candidates. It was not a clash, there were no quarrels or confrontations.  No animals were harmed during the event. Sales of coffee, milk tea, donuts, pasta dishes, and  pies, quadrupled, mask mandates were followed by many. Social media was abuzz and most agreed to be more creative and inclusive next time. Let me congratulate the mall security and mall owners for helping keep the spontaneous occurrence orderly. Congratulations to both parties for their humor and spiritedness. Wala namang nag-eksenang Jodi-Sta-Maria-Sue-Ramirez “your daughter is sleeping with my husband!” , Pak! Ikot-Sampalan. It was entertaining. i would prefer that people were noisy in campaigning than silenced and killed like they were during the dark days of Marcos’s martial rule –- that, yes — noisy and free any day of the week and every morning in the next eight days…

Lezz go! Hopefully, however, people realize there is more at stake here and become more serious when they cast their ballots nine days from now.     

But for tomorrow:  Kouame, magpraktis ka na, mag-ingat ka sa ‘min bukas, ‘kala mo ikaw lang matangkad, pagugulungin ka namin sa court. No quarters for Kouame!

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