Marami pa ba ang nagkakasakit? The Viral Monitor (an audio report) #podcast by an A.I. #pandemic #Covid19 #endemic #CovidPh #Covid19Ph

(featured cover image is an original photo by Myra Lambino, from the blog archives)

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For @SKYServes My Sky TV cable signal is back! The service order can be cancelled. Tnx.

  1. For @SKYServes My Sky TV cable signal is back! The service order can be cancelled. Tnx.
  2. For @SKYServes TV cable signal blipped out at 3:41am today, or 4hrs ago. After basic troubleshoot: Still no signal. (See DM 5 days ago for acct info, do not reply here that i should “further engage by
  3. For @SKYServes i’ve been put on hold on DM chat for 20mins now, still no cable signal for ten hours now. i saw in your advisory that many areas in the city have no signal. Pls restore the signal asap
  4. For @SKYServes i’ve been asked to wait on DM chat: No Sky TV cable signal for more than 9 hours now. Basic troubleshooting has been performed several times — to no avail. Konting ulan kagabi, nawala n
  5. The Esperon-NTC summary shutdown of Bulatlat alternative media and the websites of Save Our Schools Network, Pamalakaya fisherfolk org, Rural Missionaries, Bayan, etc without any showing of any clear

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