Prof. Winnie Monsod factchecks the inaugural speech of PMarcosJunior (at some point, his publicists would insist he prefers to be called PBBM) Factchecking Chismis Tsismis

Prof. Winnie Monsod factchecks the inaugural speech of PMarcosJunior (at some point, his publicists would insist he prefers to be called PBBM) Factchecking Chismis Tsismis

      The ABS-CBN news reporter factually reported the PMarcosJunior inaugural speech and included the fact that the windmills of Ilocos Norte were built by the North Wind Power Development Corporation and not by Marcos Junior, after the paragraph where PMarcosJunior said he built the windmills of Ilocos (PMarcosJunior: “I built them”).

PCIJ also factchecked.

And a couple of months ago, many news media organizations factchecked this, but he keeps repeating that he built them. Maybe he issued the permits for them – he should just say he helped build them, which is broad enough to include issuing permits for them, but saying “I built them” is false.

     Prof. Winnie Monsod comprehensively factchecks the inaugural speech in her new blogsite  and here at

 as follows (excerpts) :

(PMarcosJunior speech): “I will get it done. I once knew a man who saw what little had been achieved since independence, in a land of people with the greatest potential for achievement; and yet they were poor. But he got it done; sometimes with the needed support; sometimes without. So will it be with his son. You will get no excuses from me.”

Prof. Winnie Monsod: “This is an obvious reference to his father.  But the economic and social data covering his father’s 20-year term (and I invite you to fact-check with me) will tell you that what Marcos Sr. “got done”, in the most simple of terms was to preside over an economy that grew on the average by 3.8% annually.  His four predecessors, namely Quirino, Magsaysay, Garcia, and Macapagal, who served altogether about 19 years, or roughly the same time as Marcos, saw the country growing by 6.% annually.   

“Moreover, poverty increased, i.e., the percentage of the population who were poor increased, rather than decreased, during the Marcos regime.  If BBM is in any doubt about this, he can ask his Socio-Economic Planning Secretary Arsy Balisacan.  Arsy is the go-to person when one wants to know about poverty in the Philippines.

“Has the new President forgotten that his father presided over the collapse of the economy in 1983 because the Philippines could not pay its foreign debt, due in large part to borrowing for overpriced infrastructure projects, crony capitalism, and just plain looting of government resources? “

 (PMarcosJunior speech) : “ You got by; getting some of what you needed with a massive government help. And for this, I thank my predecessor for the courage of his hard decisions.”

Prof. Winnie Monsod: “In this part of his Inaugural Address, BBM was talking about the pandemic. Fact: the people did not get “massive” government help. As the IMF put it, they got inadequate and poorly implemented aid.  A case of too little, too late. 

“The statement “you got by” is a gross exaggeration, except perhaps for the billionaires and the very rich. Proof:  Poverty incidence of the population in 2018 was a 16.6%. In the first half of 2021 it had risen to 23.7% (latest figures from the PSA), which is higher than our poverty incidence in 2015. Not to mention the education and health crises whose fallouts are borne mostly by the poor. … xxx”

(PMarcosJunior) : “Blades have been turning over the sand dunes of Ilocos Norte, harnessing a power all around but unseen, long before this day. I built them.” 

Prof. Winnie Monsod: “This statement refers to the windmills in Ilocos Norte. And this one cannot be attributed to a son defending his father or idolizing him. Simply put, BBM ‘s claim is false. Period.   This has been fact-checked, and the truth is out there for all to read. “

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