UP Academic calendar here. Holidays enumerated here. Approximate timetable (all materials in my courses have been digitized, all accessible via the net, course pack is flexible, can be adjusted to 12-14 weeks), screentime is a healthy 45mins w breaks then resume and so on, class will be interactive, participation always voluntary, class standing is available to the student every end of the month #UniversityofthePhilippines #UPDiliman

The UP Academic Calendar is embedded below. Official Class Days are from September 5, 2022 to December 21, 2022, followed by Integration, Exam Week. Then, January 19, 2023: Submission of Grades

Holidays include: 1) Oct.8 Saturday tentative: Maulid un-Nabi holiday 2) Nov. 1 Tuesday All Saints Day 3) Nov. 30 Wednesday Bonifacio Day or National Heroes Day 4) Dec. 8 Thursday Immaculate Conception day.

There will be a reading break in my class even if the University does not impose one; typhoons, floods, widespread systemic internet breakdown, traffic carmageddon, and apocalyptic events will be considered in deciding whether to push thru with a class even without a timely declaration of a #walangpasok. The course pack is flexible and may be adjusted for course delivery of: from 12 weeks to 14 weeks. My Zoom is updated, my live frame will be superimposed in the slide to “mimic” a physical classroom presentation, screentime will not exceed a healthy 45 minutes followed by a break, then resume and so on, the class is interactive, participation is voluntary, same rules as before: no dress code, you can speak anytime or interrupt me anytime, you can eat in my class, you can sleep but don’t snore too loud.

Class standing is available every month, a student may view it in blind (identities concealed by codes) at the end of each month. The UP Academic Calendar (as described) is embedded below, and a calendar Sept-Dec 2022 for the holidays (below the video)

HAPPY WEEKEND, everyone!

Derived from a screenshot of a snippet of the UP academic calendar posted in CRS,
used here non-commercially for academic purposes

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